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  • Annual Arbor Day Celebration April 24

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    Did you know…Wilmore has a Town Branch which weaves and twists throughout the community, sometimes surfacing for many yards, only to drop below surface under sidewalks and streets, eventually making its way to Jessamine Creek!

    This year’s annual Arbor Day Celebration will be the start of a citizen driven project focusing on Town Branch to clean and restore it. On April 24th from 1-2:30 p.m. volunteers will gather at AdventureServe camp ground, 709 E. Main St, to plant native trees along Town Branch which fronts the property. In preparation for the plantings, volunteers from AdventureServe and local Boy Scouts have been removing the very invasive Japanese Honeysuckle bush, picking up trash, and digging planting holes.

    Home schooled children and children from nearby Wilmore Elementary School will join in the celebration and planting with special games and activities. All interested citizens are invited to attend.

    The event is sponsored by the Wilmore Community Development Board. For more information contact 858-9983 or visit

  • Wilmore Coaster Car Derby April 18

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    Who will go down in history as the winner of the inaugural Wilmore Coaster Car Derby? Come out to East Main Street on Saturday, April 18th, to find out.

    The races begin at 1:30 p.m. with two divisions: one for home built cars (think “Little Rascals”) and the other for kit cars. Participants, ages 7 and up, will take a thrill ride down the hill of East Main which will be closed to other traffic. Kids of all ages will enjoy this complicated but simple sport which is nearly 100 years old.

    Other activities will include a window display of custom made model cars and Match Box Car collections, and a car show. This is a free event, thanks to local sponsorships.

    For more details contact Wilmore City Hall at 858-4411, Rob Gullette at, or

    This event is sponsored by the Wilmore Parks & Recreation Department and the Wilmore Community Development Board.

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