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General Administration

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Lori Vahle, CPA
Finance Director / Treasurer
The Finance Director performs and supervises work related to the receipt, deposit, custody, investment and disbursement of City funds. The Finance Director prepares and reports financial information to the Mayor and Council, compiles budget requests and prepares budget reports, prepares payroll and related reporting, balances ledgers, approves checks and related invoices, works with external auditors, serves as Human Resources, administers insurance programs, and prepares grant requests.

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Sharon Moore
City Clerk
The City Clerk prepares agendas and takes minutes at all Mayor and City Council meetings. Publishes all ordinances and public notices and keeps files of same. Handles open record requests. Issues business licenses. Administers collection of occupational license tax and insurance premium license tax. Administers property tax billing and collection. Maintains files of permanent records. Works with public and private individuals and organizations on behalf of the City of Wilmore.

Opens and distributes mail. Orders supplies. Supervises custodial services. Issues purchase orders. Assigns expense accounts to invoices. Obtains appropriate authorization of invoices from respective personnel. Prepares checks for payment of invoices of the City. Maintains files for accounts payable and accounts receivable.


Donna Back Utilities Clerk / Receptionist
The Utilities Clerk / Receptionist processes monthly utility bills and related reporting. Controls mailing of utility bills. Prepares monthly utility collection reports. Prepares and controls mailing of late notices. Prepares cutoff listing for utility department. Prepares utility bank deposits. Manages customer accounts which includes handling any account adjustments and returned checks. Maintains customer deposit listing and supervises deposit refunds. Prepares sales and school tax returns. Handles sanitation services by ordering dumpsters, invoicing customers, and collecting dumpster revenues.

Acts as receptionist; provides routine information to customers and answers customer complaints. Receives money, writes receipts, and posts payments for city services and other city functions. Prepares work orders. Actively communicates with various city personnel to help assure that customers, and others who have dealings with the city, are served professionally and efficiently. Reconciles cash drawer. Performs related work as required.

Community Development
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Judy Woolums, Director
The Wilmore Community Development Board is a branch of the City of Wilmore governance structure. The board is composed of volunteers from all walks of life who are dedicated to promoting, preserving, restoring and revitalizing the City of Wilmore.

Volunteers are essential to the success of the many events and programs sponsored by the Board. If you have an interest in helping out with any of our events, or would like to serve on a project – either long term or short term, or if you have a suggestion for the Board to consider, please email Executive Director Judy Woolums at

If you would like to volunteer to help with a City of Wilmore Community Development project, please list your phone number and/or email below, and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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Jimmy Powers, Fire Chief
The Mission Statement of the Wilmore Fire Department outlines the four methods in which the WFD serves the City of Wilmore. These are: preparation, response, mitigation, and restoration. As a department, we strive to not only prepare for, respond to, and fix our citizens' problems, but also to restore their sense of safety following conclusion of the incident. We love our community, as well as its residents and visitors and are ready to serve them any time or place.

Visit Our Official Facebook Page – Wilmore Fire Department.

WFD Recruit Firefighter Application download here – Recruit Firefighter Application.

Wiley Adams, Assistant Fire Chief

Volunteer Firefighters:

James Adams

Aaron Cole

Heather Sutton-Digue

Rebecca Earl

Heidi Heater

Jeremy Hyatt

John Ireland

Christian Jeter

Brian Johnson

Joshua Johnson

Philip Kidwell

Mike Ledford

Daniel Lockwood

Sam Lyons

Joel Mansur

Jeff Moberly

John Pollard

Josh Prather

Dan Snyder

Paul Swaim

Terry Tipton

Parks and Recreation
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Amy Fitch, Director
Wilmore Parks & Recreation serves the Wilmore community with recreation programs / special events for all ages. The department also maintains and plans park spaces for everyone to enjoy. The best way to contact Amy Fitch, Director, is via email at or phone/text at 859-338-2208.

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William Craig, Chief of Police
The mission of the Wilmore Police department is to provide a professional law enforcement service to the residents of the City of Wilmore. Officers are available to respond 24 hours a day via 911 central dispatch. Our 11 officers pride themselves in serving with integrity and honor.

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Bill Craig

Don Alwes

Sam Hensley

David Weathers

Carlos Carcamo

Jason Hendrix

Ken Ridge

Kim Stewart

Melanie Welch

Nelson Shrout

Roman Sorrell

Ramon Torres


Utilities & Public Works
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Dave Carlstedt
Utilities & Public Works Director

Wilmore Utilities distributes water and provides wastewater treatment to over 2,000 customers. Wilmore Utilities strives to provide the best possible product at the lowest possible price.

The Public Works Department ensures the safety and maintains conditions of all city streets, alleys, and rights of way. In addition to street maintenance the Public Works Department is responsible for landscaping, solid waste collection, and curbside residential recycling.

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Austin Howard

Brian Skyrms

Chris Reeves

Clint Teater

Donnie Clark

Greg Gibson

James West

James Zweifel – Operations Manager

Jeff Moberly – Distribution/Collection Supervisor

Jeremy Hyatt

Jerry Moberly

Josh Lewellen

Philip Stevens

Robert Curtis

Robert Wayne Eckler

Tyler Zweifel

Vince Lewellen – Public Works Supervisor and Cemetery Director



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